Nathan Robertson coaching

Nathan Robertson along with his wife Trayci Metzger founded Amherst Powerlifting Club in Amherst, Nova Scotia. At the same time they started hosting powerlifting competions to provide lifters in Eastern Canada with an alternative choice of competing in powerflifting. Fueled with the desire to show lifters a more fun, and more respectful approach to holding meets and training they quickly became the premier hosts of the best powerlifting meets in Eastern Canada.

Today, Nathan and Trayci not only host international meets that are in such demand that they fill up months ahead of schedule, but they also have created the most dynamic fastest growing and exciting powerlifting gym in the East. With the mission right from the beginning of not being a regular gym and instead only focussing on powerlifting, they have managed to attract and train a growing team of some of the best powerlifters in Canada.

The first investment of APC (Amherst Powerlifting Club) was getting a METAL MLITIA MONOLIFT and a METAL MILITIA BENCH. Since then they have taken all proceeds of the club to reinvest in fully stocking the gym with all the latest and fun training equipment including various training bars.

Today, they are forging ahead with a very successful program for young kids to introduce them to strength training and powerlifting with the group "Young Guns".

Over the years Nathan has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge of how to lift, how to train and how to train others from some of the greatest powerlifters in the world. He has shared this knowlege by providing seminars by the likes of Ed Coan, Dave Hoff and coming up Donnie Thompson.

If you would like Nathan to personally share this knowledge not only in lifting but also in mobility and recovery and especially how to do it all drug free, then contact Nathan directly for one on one on-line personal training. The advice you receive and the tips and training programs will not only save you alot of time and money, but they will help you recover faster and make faster gains.


For availablity please contact Nathan Robertson here.