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Ross Saldan coached 4 lifters to 5 World Top 20 All-Time Rankings in 18 months.

Ross Saldan started the METAL MILITIA MONTREAL Powerlifting Team at Montreal Barbell and within a year and a half four team lifters had broken all Canadian Records and earned 5 spots in the Top 20 World All Time Historical rankings in Powerlifting. This is the highest level in the world because lifters from all over the world and from all powerlifting organizations compete for these rankings.

After the first three team members achieved Top 20 rankings, Ross decided to test out his training methods with his 29 year old daughter. Shawna was brand new, she had never bench pressed before in her life. In 18 months Shawna achieved a World Drug Free Record in the AWPC and became no. 1 in the U.S. across all powerlifting federations in the bench press and no. 5 in the squat. She also became no. 18 in the Top 20 All Time Historical Bench Press ranking in the Women's Open equipped 148 lb class with her 340 lb bench press.

In fact, every single Canadian to make this world historical Top 20 list has come to Montreal Barbell to train with METAL MILITIA MONTREAL under Ross Saldan. Said another way, before Ross started the METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING TEAM, there were only two Canadians on this list, Alan Mehan and Clint Harwood (both of whom came to visit and train) and after there were four more people; Mat Court, Mike Guay, Shany Gilbert and Shawna Geraghty-Saldan.

These are only the people who made the list. Other team members shattered other records: Cheryl broke a Canadian record with her 518 lb squat, the highest of any woman in Canada in any federation, ever. And, she did this at 49 years old. Shany later broke that with her 600 lb squat and later 635 lb squat. Shawna weighing 121 lbs, achieved the highest ever bench press in the CPA by any woman at any weight class. She did this at a meet where they would not let her lower the rack height and instead made the spotters pick up the weight and put it in her hands. Cheryl, later beat that with her 305 lb bench press.

All women on our team deadlifted over 400 lbs.

Several men achieved squats and benches that were just short of the No. 20 spot. Another amazing fact isRoss Saldan 600 lbs that almost all of these were achieved drug free.

In on-line training programs, many lifters coached by Ross Saldan achieved their long term goals within a month or two.

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  • Weekly specific training plans for each training session including exercises, weights, reps and sets.
  • Video analysis and review with plans for improvement
  • Emails and phone calls as needed.

Basically, once you enter a program to be trained by Ross Saldan, he will help you set your goals and will then make your goals his goals. He will do everything he needs to do to ensure your success.

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Want to know more?   Ross has a lifetime of competition and coachinRoss side3win400g experience.

Ross Saldan is not only an expert in technique but also his strength is understanding and coaching mental toughness.

Before Powerlifting, Ross was a top junior Canadian ski racer, was a top ranked Canadian tennis player representing Canada in International competitions and was named Ontario Regional Coach in charge of developing the top two junior tennis players in each age category. He also played tennis for the University of Toronto for 3 years winning the Canadian Championships all three years while he studied and graduated in Engineering at 20 years old. And, he was the youngest person to become a certified Canadian Ski Instructor. For two years, Ross also conducted weekly half hour radio shows (in Moncton, NB) called Tennis Tips with Ross Saldan and in the winter, Ski Tips with Ross Saldan. 

In business, Ross Saldan opened Saldan Consulting Group, Inc. an Operations Performance Improvement consultancy and for 23 years he worked with hundreds of managers and personally consulted several CEO's of billion dollar corporations helping them improve their operating performance and save millions of dollars. From executive boardrooms to front line workers, Ross coached and worked with all levels of employees to improve their performance and their operations.

Just before powerlifting, Ross bicycled seriously for 4 years and leaned down to 174 lbs at 6'3" riding an average of 6 to 7,000 km per year in Florida and Quebec. One of his last rides, he rode from Vaudreuil-Dorion to Ottawa making the 103 mile backroads trip in exactly 5 hours with an average speed of 20 miles an hour or just over 32 kph.

Ross has been a serious competitor since 11 years old and coach since 16 years old. He competed all his life in several sports and he learned early that winning required a different mental approach. Through all this, Ross learned what it takes to win and to become the best. He has already passed this knowledge on to several people who became top world powerlifters in the shortest time possible. Are you ready to learn from Ross Saldan and accelerate your powerlifting achievements? Don't wait, sign up now.

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